My oil sprayer

For years, I used commercially-made cooking spray for greasing pans, or for oiling the surface of bread dough for it’s fermentation in the bowl.  I came across a gadget at a kitchen store on Yonge Street a few months ago that intrigued me: an oil sprayer.

IMG_2197 IMG_2204

It was inexpensive; I think it was less than $10.  You fill it with oil, and then pressurize by pumping the top up and down, sort of like the old-fashioned garden sprayers you used to be able to use before they banned pesticides.

Anyway, it’s fantastic.  When you build up a good head of pressure, the mist that comes out is ultra-fine; really, it is a mist.


You can load it with whatever oil you want to use.  It’s great when you just the lightest filming of oil to prevent sticking or drying out, but don’t want to saturate the item you’re spraying.  I used it on some eggplant slices I was baking the other day. Eggplant is like a sponge; it will suck up as much oil as you can brush on it.  With the sprayer, I was able to keep the oil to a minimum, and the eggplant didn’t dry out in the oven.

Much less expensive than buying cans of cooking spray, and nothing to throw in the garbage when you empty it.

Highly recommended.

Copyright (C) 2015, Allan Risk. All rights reserved.

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