The perfect meatloaf

Very short post today.

Make this:

It’s insanely good.

It’s an peculiar cooking method: entirely on top of the stove.  But it works.  When browning it, it might be easier to do it in a shallow skillet … turning the loaf over in a dutch oven is a little tricky.  Once it’s browned, transfer all the oil and the loaf to a larger pot that you can cover.  And don’t plutz about the quantity of olive oil.  It helps to render the fat out of the lamb.

Seriously, once you’ve made this version, you’ll never go back to regular meatloaf again.

One thought on “The perfect meatloaf

  1. Hey Allan
    Had no idea you did this blog! Very exciting and entertaining. I’m signing up. Sorry you’re not in my sponsorship group anymore so I have to miss your delucious cookung at our gatherings. Still thing about that awesome round profiterolles creation.

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