After spending 28 years working for high-tech giants, as well as stints at two Canadian banks, I came to the conclusion that I’m more passionate about cooking and eating, and in general, “making nice” at home that I am about almost anything else.  Given the choice between making bread or crafting an Excel spreadsheet, the bread will always win out.  Hell, I’d rather iron my sheets than go to a meeting to talk about customer requirements for a new product.

So, I’m starting this blog to capture some of what I’m doing with my time at home.  I may look back on it down the road and think “What a fruitcake I am!”, but then I’ve always had a nagging feeling that fruitcake-ness was my destiny …

Oh, and about the name “The Shegetz Balabusta” … My spouse is Jewish, which has provided me endless personal enrichment opportunities, including the expansion of my WASP vocabulary with great Yiddish and Hebrew words.  You probably know what a shiksa is: a disparaging term for the kind of girl Jewish mothers don’t want their sons to marry, that is, a non-Jewish woman. A shegetz is what they don’t their daughters marrying, i.e. a non-Jewish man.  Well, I’m a non-Jew married to a Jew … I like to think that my late mother-in-law didn’t think of me as a shegetz, but who knows?

A balabusta is someone who is a good homemaker, someone who keeps a nice house and makes good food, as in, “Oy, she’s such a balabusta! You could eat her prakkes off her kitchen floor, it’s so clean! And what prakkes!”

I’ve embraced many aspects of Jewish culture; the food, the language, the importance of family, friends, celebrations, charity, connectedness, and keeping a comfortable home. (And not to mention Jewish humour … it’s sometimes corny, but it’s almost always funny.)  So … I figured I would incorporate this into my blog about these things, hence: The Shegetz Balabusta.

Copyright (C) 2015, Allan Risk. All rights reserved.

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